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Logistics solutions that create added value!


Reliability and service are the cornerstones of our business! With a small organisation and low fixed costs, we can offer very competitive, high.quality logistics solutions!


Transportation between Sweden and Finland! We have lowered our customers' logistics costs and ensured that our customers have been happy customers since 1983. If you wish to keep your good reputation and bring down logistics costs, do not hesitate call us:


+46 325-619960



Trana Spedition AB is climate neutral! By means of our long-term environmental efforts, we are reducing our impact on the environment each year. We are also offsetting any remaining emissions we generate. In order to further develop our environmental work, we are a part of the Global Compact and NTM as well as a Gold sponsor of The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. We are also working with an environmental/quality programme in FR2000. This project highlights the company's total environmental impact and has resulted in the long-term environmental efforts aimed at reducing our effect on the environment.